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Multi-Standard PC104+ Card for Avionics Interfaces including Mil-Std-1553, H009, WB-194, ARINC 429, Avionics Discrete I/Os, RS-485 and more.

BRD1553PC104 is a 2 channels, multi-standard PC104+ board that contains two channels of Mil-Std-1553. It is compatible with Mil-Std-1553B and Mil-Std-1760 and its channels can be configured independently to work with H009 and WB194 in conjunction with 1553. ARINC429 and other protocols, such French DigiBus, CAN and others are also available upon request...

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Founded in 1993, Sital Technology is a leading provider of IP cores and products for Mil-Std-1553, ARINC 429 and Can bus.

Sital is certified for quality management standard - ISO 9001:2008 - for Design, Production and Sales of Software, Electronic Components and Products.

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